Family Expectations

1. All families are required to complete twenty (20) hours of service to the school for each academic year (July 1-June 30).  Half of these hours must be completed through the fund-raising activities of the auction or festival. (Updated for 2016-2017 school year)

2. Any activity related to the successful operation of St. Gerard School qualifies for service hours. Examples: assisting with classroom activities, coaching, assisting with fund-raising activities, festival, and maintenance of school and grounds.  Any questions concerning an activity qualifying for service hours can be brought to the school office. You will be contacted throughout the school year and asked to volunteer for various events.

3. An extended family member (grandparents, aunt, or uncle) or family friend can assist in completing service hours for a family.

4. All persons completing service to the school, are required to sign in and out on their family service hour sheet that will be filed in the office.

5. In May of each year, all parents will have completed their family service hour forms (on file in the office). Those in need of more hours will be contacted to to gain additional hours through various means.

6. The pastor and principal will meet with any families that feel they have special circumstances to consider.