Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts Newsletters are sent home weekly on Thursdays with the youngest child.   The newsletters are in a green folder along with other bulletin and flyers.


TT 030520.pdf

TT 022820.pdf

TT 021320.pdf

TT 013020.pdf

TT 012320.pdf

TT 010920.pdf

TT 121919.pdf

TT 121219.pdf

TT 111419.pdf

TT 110719.pdf

TT 103119.pdf

TT 102419.pdf

TT 10-17-19.pdf

TT 10-10-19.pdf

TT 10-03-19.pdf

TT 091919.pdf

TT 091219.pdf

TT 090519.pdf

TT 082919.pdf

TT 082219.pdf